The Forest is a large-scale immersive art experience that both calms and stimulates the senses by transforming the participant’s state of mind. It is a unique space that offers a reprieve from the outside world and induces an enchanted, dreamlike perspective. Forest visitors experience deep relaxation, a place of inspiration, and childlike playfulness. The Forest also serves as a social playground. Its temporal and spontaneous nature impels strangers to interact and friends to deepen their bonds.

   By combining particular features, The Forest creates a simulation of nature. Thousands of forest leaves – white plastic strips – are suspended on rows of ropes attached to a wooden frame. The Forest floor is a thick layer of soft foam covered in the finest faux fur. Sequences of diffused colored lights that mimic slow organic
movement wash across the white leaves and ground while a soundscape of soft music plays in the background.

   The Forest has a remarkable ability to bring people into the present moment, with its subtle encouragement to release thoughts and worries and its invitation to immerse within its sensorial experience. The rustling leaves, soft understory and
interplay of lights and ambient sound transport participants to a dream-like, multi-sensory dimension that inspires wonder and lets the imagination roam free. It is a fully interactive experience that, somehow, encourages both self-reflection and social engagement.

We like to describe The Forest as an immersive experience since it is, all at once, a heady experience, a lucid dream, and a soft embrace that opens the heart and soothes the mind, creating space for new connections.
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